New garlic to appear on the market in succession, the price is still in low hovering

May 12, 2021

Since March, Yunnan new garlic began to appear on the market. At present, the purchase price of Yunnan sole garlic production area is 3-3.5 yuan per kilogram. Yunnan garlic is early ripe garlic, climate on the market time is relatively early. However, the garlic price of Yunnan producing area has little effect on the national garlic price, but will cause pressure on the price of late ripening garlic.


Early April, Henan very early garlic also began to market, slightly ahead of last year, fresh garlic mining areas mainly concentrated in Henan Zhongmu, Qixian, Huaiyang area. The initial quantity of goods is not large, the transaction scale is small, the land purchase price is above 2 yuan per catty. With the improvement of the maturity of early garlic, the market is becoming larger and larger, and the price is gradually falling. At present, the price of premature fresh garlic is 1.20-1.50 yuan per catty. Early fresh garlic prices better than last year, farmers dig fresh garlic sales enthusiasm can. Due to the poor maturity of early fresh garlic, there is no drying phenomenon. Zhongmu area early ripe fresh garlic price in 1.40-1.50 yuan per catty, qixian early ripe fresh garlic price in 1.10-1.20 yuan per catty, huaiyang pickled skin fresh garlic price in 1.90 yuan per catty. In the future, the price of fresh garlic is likely to go down as the market volume increases.


Although Henan early ripe fresh garlic has been listed, but in the garlic main trading place jinxiang, Kuni garlic still occupies the dominant position of trading. Due to the current part of the original shippers and speculators in the early orderly reduction of warehouse, the supply of goods for sale in the producing areas remains abundant, and just demand merchants to buy goods on demand. Small tonnage transactions have become normal, and the volume of goods is general. Because the current warehouse garlic price is near the cost line of the storage company, the seller insists on the base price, and has the performance of reluctant to sell and contract the supply of goods, and the price fluctuation is small. The price of large mixing level is 2.29-2.35 yuan per catty, the price of general mixing level is 2.20-2.25 yuan per catty, and the price of garlic rice is 2.18-2.22 yuan per catty.


As of April 5, the inventory of garlic in the main producing areas was as high as 1,566,500 tons, hitting a new high in the past decade. Now the source of garlic in the market is more than last year June to August into the cold storage of garlic, which is much higher than last year's inventory surplus, and garlic trading continues to slump, many garlic merchants are continuing to wait and see. As the whole vegetable market is depressed after the Spring Festival this year, purchasers are becoming more and more cautious, for fear of being hit by their own hands after purchasing. In comparison with the garlic market of the same period last year, analysts pointed out that the garlic price in March this year compared with the same period of last year's garlic price dropped about 1.4 yuan per kilogram.


The planting area of new garlic in Shandong this season decreased slightly compared with last year, but the market has high expectations for the yield and quality of new garlic that will be harvested in May. At present, the shipment of old garlic has decreased, and some customers are waiting for the new garlic to come to market. The market has high expectations for the output and quality of the new garlic that will be harvested in May. According to customs statistics, from January to February 2021, the quantity of fresh or refrigerated garlic exported from China totaled about 242,300 tons, and the export value totaled about 250,808,600 dollars. The garlic export volume in the first two months was higher than that in the same period of the previous three years, indicating that China's garlic export continued the good momentum of last year at the beginning of 2021, and the output showed an increasing trend year-on-year. Recently, the export price is basically normal, FOB price is stable at about $1000 per ton, Europe, Middle East and South Asia are the main export markets at present. Due to the congestion of the Suez Canal, sea freight rates are still at a high level. But importers and exporters have gradually become accustomed to high logistics costs, which have little impact on normal procurement.

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